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kollektive verkabelung

Sarah Buchner voice

Max Arsava piano, electronics 

Sebastian Langer clarinets

recorded may 2021 at Loft Köln


creative sources recordings (cs75)

  • Bandcamp

werken dream up new landscapes of their own and bring them to life. In this way, they develop musical spaces of possibility that are among the finest, most original and most exciting that can be heard in these strange times. 

Berthold Seliger

Chamber music as energetic as it is calmly improvised: that is what characterizes the music of this young German trio. Buchner, Langer and Arsava oscillate artfully between the disciplines of music, voice and noise. 

freiStil (#108)


Max Arsava is a pianist and electronic musician from Weilheim, Bavaria. He mainly works as a solo artist as well as in different ensembles within contemporary idioms of jazz and improvised music. He lives in Berlin.


Max Arsava- nowhere dense (aut records, 2023)

werken- kollektive verkabelung (creative sources recordings, 2023)

Max Koch- ten bulls (jazzwerkstatt, 2023)

Max Arsava- inert concaves (label 11, 2021)


alter piano



arsava.max (at)


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